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Every Step Counts

Make a difference in the effort to innovate in youth fitness

Our Vision

It is our goal to create and provide opportunities for all school aged children to become more physically active across the United States and across the globe.

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Our Mission

To advance and promote the education of the general public in assuming responsibility for:

  1. The improvement of the health and health behavior of all people

  2. The maintenance and improvement of the physical and mental well-being of all people

  3. The prevention of degenerative disease

Our History

Fitness Finders Foundation began in 1980 with funding from the Kellogg Foundation, the Hurst Foundation, and the Campbell Soup Company amongst others with the goal of improving the health of children across the country.

Dr. Kuntzleman, along with his wife Beth, developed Mileage Club in 1986 to disseminate the program farther and faster than he could on his own.


The Mileage Club is an all-inclusive walk/run club program for kids offering knowledge, support, and practical tools to track students’ mileage, while also motivating and rewarding them for their efforts and success. Mileage Club quickly became America’s #1 run club for kids – and still is!

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About Fitness Finders Foundation

Fitness Finders Foundation provides educational programs that train individuals in the improvement of their physical and mental well-being, health, and health behavior by coordinating with agencies in supplying educational health programs to schools, colleges, universities, community action groups, etc. which are capable of delivering such programs to their constituent members. 

Fitness Finders Foundation

Motivate & Teach Kids to Stay Active

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Get To Know Us

Mileage Club by Fitness Finders has helped millions of children over the last 40 years to increase their physical capacity, prepare their brains for a day of learning, and help them manage behavior and emotions through walking and running.

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Our Impact

Our Sponsors

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Group of kids from mileage club outside

Effects of Physical Activity

Childhood obesity and mental health issues are overwhelming our schools and our children across the
country. Physical activity is a proven and efficacious treatment for these health issues.

Did You Know?

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