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About Us

Dr. Charles Kuntzleman spent the 1970s writing, teaching, and researching, with his greatest emphasis on intervention and research around youth fitness. 


Fitness Finders Foundation, was born in 1980 when Dr. Kuntzleman was actively seeking funding for physical activity intervention programs.

Fitness Finders Foundation





1995 - 2006



In the fall Dr. Charles Kuntzleman and his wife Beth developed Mileage Club as a method of reaching more children than they were capable of through their prior programs.

The success of the Mileage Club program (run through Fitness Finders, Inc) saw the expansion from a humble beginning in southeastern Michigan in 1987 to over 20,000 schools across the country. Along the way, the manufacturing of Toe Tokens was brought in-house (made onsite in Jackson, Michigan, to this day).

Dr. Kuntzleman began work with the University of Michigan on the Fitness for Youth program.

Along the way Dr. Kuntzleman helped lead the Great American Fitness Workout on the White House lawn.

Dr. Kuntzleman then started teaching in the university’s Department of Kinesiology.

Dr. Kuntzleman was the first chair of the Michigan Fitness Foundation and continued his work around physical activity for all ages.

Through the advancement of technology EZ Scan development began.

Today, along with Mileage Club, Fitness Finders Foundation, through Fitness Finders Inc also offers programs and awards for nutrition, anti-bullying, academic excellence, and more.

The Mileage Club school-run program and related activities have grown over the decades to continue to fulfill Dr. Kuntzleman’s mission of changing the fitness culture in the United States, especially for our youth. His programs have expanded to 5 continents.

As school funding becomes more difficult to obtain, Fitness Finders Foundation becomes more important than ever to deliver quality physical activity opportunities for local schools across the country and around the globe.

Dr. Charles T. Kuntzleman

Biography & Writings

Pennslyvania Center for the Book

National Fitness Hall of Fame

Accepting the Challenge Award

Michigan Fitness Foundation

Little Boy Walking

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